Marjorie Taylor Greene goes completely off the deep end after Donald Trump is impeached

It turns out electing QAnon lunatics to the House of Representatives is every bit as bad of an idea as it sounded on paper. Lauren Boebert just keeps digging a deeper hole for herself with regard to the U.S. Capitol attack, and now Marjorie Taylor Greene is trying to top her in the embarrassment department.

Donald Trump was impeached today with a bipartisan vote that included ten House Republicans. Marjorie Taylor Greene not only voted against impeachment, she then told a far right fringe outlet that she’s planning to introduce articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden the day after he’s inaugurated.

That’s nice, but perhaps she should try reading the room. First of all, such articles will go nowhere, considering the Democrats control the House. Second, there clearly isn’t even Republican support for such a thing, considering it’s clearly an attempt at retaliation over Trump’s impeachment, and a double digit number of Republicans just voted for that impeachment. It’s as if Boebert and Greene are in a race to see who can get expelled first.

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