Marjorie Taylor Greene goes berserk, gets into ugly feud with fellow House Republican

You just can’t make this stuff up. War has broken out in the Republican party as, time after time, members turn on each other in what is becoming a red alert for the party of insurrectionists. The latest skirmish is between two Republicans. One is a member of Congress. Her name is Nancy Mace, and she represents South Carolina.

The other pretends to be a member but is, in reality, nothing more than a crass, loud-mouthed, hateful, racist loser. (I hope I wasn’t too easy on her.) This person is Marjorie Taylor Greene. She represents hate.

Mace and Greene were at each other’s throats due to the ongoing war of words from one Lauren Boebert. The women of the GOP cannot seem to stay out of the news lately. Anyway, Mace condemned the comments made by Boebert about Omar. This appeared to irk Greene, who tweeted about Mace. She referred to her as “The trash of the GOP conference.”

“Mace, you can back up off of @laurenboebert or just go hang with your real gal pals, the Jihad squad.” Does anyone reading this feel like they are back in High School? I do.

It saddens me very much that this hate-speak is making its way into normalcy. Yet, there is little to be done until these wretched women are expelled from Congress or lose their Twitter platform. Neither Greene nor Boebert will ever stop on their own because venom is their brand. They are the hate squad, the lowest of the low.

So, what can we do? Well — we can use their hate talk for campaign commercials to show the American people just whom they might be voting for if they vote Republican.


These antics the two harpies are engaged in would turn the stomachs of most folks. Only there are scores of people who do not pay attention to politics daily and, as such, don’t even know this is going on. So, let’s show them. And let’s keep letting our Reps know we want to see these horrible women expelled from Congress.

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