Marco Rubio just stepped in it

No one has ever accused Marco Rubio of being smart. For that matter, no one has ever thought that Rubio was within a million miles of smart. Yet he keeps finding ways to prove that he’s even dumber than we thought.

For instance, Rubio has known for weeks that sooner or later, a reporter would pin him down and ask him for his thoughts on the Matt Gaetz scandal. Given that Rubio and Gaetz are from the same party and the same state, Rubio was going to need to come up with a tightrope-walking answer.

Instead Marco Rubio did what he always does: he failed to prepare for what he should have known was coming, and he came off like an idiot. Rubio actually said to CNN yesterday that “I don’t know anything about the case.” But then he immediately admitted that he has read about the case. Then he said this gem: “How can anybody opine on something they don’t know anything about firsthand?”

Well, Marco, you could start by at least saying that the alleged crimes, including underage sex trafficking, are horrific. You could say that if the allegations are true, then Matt Gaetz should resign. You could say that you hope they’re not true. You could even say that you know Gaetz personally, and that you think he’s the kind of person who deserves the benefit of the doubt, or something like that.

Instead Rubio came up with “How can anybody opine on something they don’t know anything about firsthand?” That’s right, I’m repeating the quote for emphasis. It’s the latest instance of Rubio having no opinions or stances or thoughts or ideas of any kind, and just saying generic stupid things while hoping no one notices that he is indeed stupid. How could Florida have elected Gaetz or Rubio?

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