Donald Trump’s maniacal meltdown just gave something big away

Donald Trump has neither cooperated with the House impeachment inquiry nor cared to contest the mountain of damning evidence of his corruption. What Trump has chosen to do, however, is send a last-minute psychotic letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi imploring her to “immediately cease this impeachment fantasy.” Pelosi told CNN’s Manu Raju that Trump’s letter is “really sick” while the Los Angeles Times editorial board calls it further proof that “Trump is a uniquely bad, dishonest president, unsuited and unprepared for the vast responsibilities of the office he holds.”

Trump’s letter to Pelosi is certainly remarkable because of how outrageous and outlandish it is. However, the most important aspect of the letter is the mere fact that Trump sent it. It turns out that there is a certain type of person who sends such letters at such times, and that is a guilty person. Speaking from vast experience, former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirshner explained this perfectly on MSNBC’s MTP Daily.

“I have seen letters like this many times before as a federal prosecutor… whether I was prosecuting RICO cases against some of the most notorious gang members in DC or standalone murder cases.” Kirshner recounted. He recalled how these letters would often arrive before trial from defendants claiming that they are the real victims, that they have been framed, that everyone is out to get them, and that no one should be believed. Each time Kirshner’s prosecution team would receive such a letter, they would simply recognize that it was written by someone who is “truly guilty” of the charges against them and not feeling good about their chances at trial.


By contrast, Kirshner noted that defendants who strongly believed in their innocence and thought they had a winning case “would just kind of sit back and be quietly confident about their odds in court.” Trump’s maniacal missive, however, is “like a desperate jailhouse letter from a guilty pretrial defendant.” At this point, Trump might as well just put on a T-shirt that says “GUILTY.”

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