Manhattan prosecutors appear to have just checkmated Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg

There’s a reason Palm Beach County officials are now preparing for Donald Trump’s inevitable arrest: the Manhattan District Attorney’s office has built a comprehensive criminal case against Trump on an array of financial charges. It’s been in front of the grand jury for awhile now. Witnesses like Michael Cohen have met with the DA’s office repeatedly. Trump is clearly going to end up being criminally indicted.

Here’s the thing, though. While these kinds of financial charges nearly always result in conviction, the odds of conviction can be driven even higher with more cooperating witnesses added to the mix. To that end, we’ve seen widespread reporting that Manhattan prosecutors are pressuring Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg to flip.

To do this, they would need to not only nail Weisselberg, but make Weisselberg understand that he’s been nailed, so he won’t stubbornly go to trial. To that end, according to the WSJ, Manhattan prosecutors just subpoenaed records from the very expensive private school that Weisselberg’s grandkids attend.

This feels like checkmate. They wouldn’t be pursuing this, and couldn’t even get a subpoena for it, unless they’ve already established that Weisselberg paid for the school tuition with dirty money. So they’ve got him nailed – and now they’re making sure he knows that they’ve got him nailed. How much longer before Weisselberg figures it out and flips?

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