Manhattan DA confirms Donald Trump and Trump Organization are facing criminal charges in New York

Back when a Manhattan grand jury subpoenaed Donald Trump’s tax returns, in a move that led to a Supreme Court case, it confirmed that the grand jury was targeting Trump for criminal indictment on state charges in New York. After all, grand juries literally only exist to indict people. But now we have formal confirmation from the Manhattan District Attorney.

The Manhattan DA has made a court filing today confirming that Donald Trump is being investigated by the grand jury for crimes like bank fraud and insurance fraud, according to the New York Times. Additionally, the AP is reporting that the DA is targeting the Trump Organization for “protracted criminal conduct.”

To be clear, the Trump Organization is a tiny outfit that basically only consists of Donald Trump, some of his kids, and their CFO. So this suggests that they’re all being targeted by the grand jury. But today’s news represents absolute confirmation that Donald Trump is being targeted by the grand jury. This is huge, because grand juries nearly always return indictments in these kinds of cases.

This means that at some point – perhaps before the election, perhaps the day after the election – the grand jury will criminally indict Donald Trump on state charges in New York. These charges can’t be pardoned by any President. While it’s not clear whether Trump can be arrested by New York State while he’s still in office, this does mean that Trump is going to be arrested if he loses the election. For some time, Palmer Report has pointed out that Trump is going to prison if he loses. That’s now 100% clear.

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