Now the White House claims Melania Trump will magically reappear today – at an event closed to the press

Yesterday, the White House made Melania Trump’s disappearance even more scandalous when it preemptively announced that she will not be attending the G7 Summit or the North Korea meeting later this month. This threatened to stretch her vanishing act to more than a month. Her upcoming absence from major world-stage events seemed particularly suspicious. Well, now the story has changed again – and it may be yet another underhanded ploy.

Late last evening, the White House seemed to realize that it had backed itself into too far of a corner, and changed tactics. It announced to the media that Melania will magically reappear on Monday afternoon at a Gold Star ceremony at the White House. We’ll see if she surfaces for the ceremony or not. If she does, it’ll require minimal participation on her part – no travel, no prolonged public exposure – and would allow the Trump administration to prove that she’s still in the White House and while creating the appearance that she’s unharmed.

What’s remarkable here is that, thanks to one misleading claim and outright lie after another, Donald Trump and his White House have created so much public and media suspicion about Melania’s absence, they’re now left having to essentially prove that she’s still alive and in one piece. All they had to do was announce that her “kidney issue” had become more complicated, and everyone – including us – would have backed off. But thanks to the White House’s lies about Melania Trump’s original medical issue, Donald Trump’s subsequent lie about Melania supposedly looking out a White House window, and Donald Trump’s decision to post a tweet to Melania’s Twitter account that he clearly wrote, this has become a major scandal.

Even if Melania does magically surface, we still deserve answers about why she disappeared to begin with, and why the White House lied so blatantly to cover up the real story. Here’s the kicker: CNN is reporting that thef Gold Star event will be closed to the press. So how are we supposed to know if Melania really attended or not? This just keeps getting more surreal.

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