Madame Tussauds throws its Donald Trump wax dummy in a dumpster ahead of election

When Donald Trump became President, some places of business faced a difficult decision: should they display imagery of him? On the one hand, he’s the sitting President of the United States. On the other hand, he’s a career criminal, traitor, racist, and serial sexual assaulter.

Now that Trump appears to be on his way out, at least one famous place of business is acting swiftly to move on from him. In a story that sounds like it’s from the Onion but is actually coming from Cosmopolitan and Reuters, Madame Tussauds in Berlin has taken its Donald Trump wax dummy and placed it in a dumpster out front.

This can be seen as both a statement against Donald Trump’s presidency, and an expectation that he’s going to lose. In any case, the only way for us to make sure Trump loses is to spend these final days working nonstop on driving voter turnout.

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