This is low, even for Mitch McConnell

In a last ditch effort at building his fabled border wall and somehow magically saving his failed presidency in the process, Donald Trump has decided to simply steal the funding from other places, including the United States military. This plan is so criminal, so deranged, and so politically ugly for Trump and the GOP, you figure Senate Republicans are going to step in to stop him, right? Well, not exactly.

Senate Majority Mitch McConnell could put a stop to Donald Trump’s idiotic plan, simply by speaking out against it. The resulting political pressure would almost automatically force Trump to back down. But McConnell can’t be bothered to do that. No surprise. But here’s the part that has McConnell’s cartoon-level villainy written all over it.

As of right now, Mitch McConnell is only stepping in to stop Donald Trump from stealing money from one project, a middle school at Fort Campbell in Kentucky, according to CNN’s Jim Acosta. That’s right, McConnell is only protecting his home state, where he has to get reelected next November, even while sitting back and allowing Trump to steal money from military bases in other states.

Nevermind that Donald Trump’s border wall heist is also stealing money from projects in the states that could hurt other Senate Republicans who are up for reelection in 2020. Ideally, Mitch McConnell would love to keep the Senate majority. But in the end, if he has to choose, he’ll only ever side with himself (or maybe he’s siding with Russia on this one). Trump should keep that in mind, because in the end, McConnell will sell Trump out as well, if he has to.

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