Louie Gohmert’s coronavirus infection story is even more insane than we thought

It’s bad enough that Republican Congressman and stark raving lunatic Louie Gohmert has been diagnosed with coronavirus after he loudly refused to wear a mask while he was around other House members. As we wait to see how many people he might have infected with the virus, it turns out Gohmert’s story is even more insane than we thought.

For starters, it appears that Louie Gohmert is looking to do his quarantine in his office in the Capitol building:


That obviously won’t be allowed to happen, but it helps demonstrate just how far out of his gourd this lunatic is. In addition, Louie Gohmert is now making the laugh out loud claim that he only caught coronavirus because he’s been wearing a mask. No really, he said this. Gohmert belongs in a padded room.

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