Louie Gohmert sounds like he’s in need of professional help

Of all the House Republicans who are dummies, idiots, wackos, conspiracy theorists, or otherwise lacking, Louie Gohmert might just be the worst of the lot. Sure, he has plenty of strong competition – but every now and then he steps up and reminds us just what he’s capable of.

Take, for instance, Gohmert’s recent appearance on an extremist propaganda outlet:

Mediaite says that there might actually be some underlying truth to what Gohmert is trying to say in this video. But that doesn’t change the fact that Gohmert sounds like he’s in legitimate need of professional help.


Gohmert is now foaming at the mouth in way that would have the Former Guy jealous. What’s scary is that there are people who actually voted for this guy, somewhere, and they’re apparently proud of this fact.

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