Fox News stooge Lou Dobbs goes completely off the deep end as Donald Trump unravels

Just how badly are things unraveling for Donald Trump right now? Even he’s figured out that he’s in deep trouble, and now he’s shuffling personnel deck chairs around as his ship sinks. Trump is also trying to take his anger out on everyone from Joe Scarborough to Twitter. At times like this, we usually see an unraveling politician’s most ardent supporters try to rally around him the most hysterically, and that’s what Lou Dobbs just did.

Lou Dobbs used to be on CNN, but he developed such a racist obsession against immigrants, he’s since landed on Fox instead. Dobbs has built his entire audience around pro-Trump racism, and he’s decided he’s going to ride Trump all the way to the bottom. Tonight Dobbs insisted on-air that Trump is “arguably the greatest president in our history.”

Well okay then. The cold hard reality is that once Donald Trump is gone and his “movement” is scattered, someone like Lou Dobbs won’t have much of an audience to hold onto. So he might as well remain chained to Trump at the hip, even as Trump sinks.

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