Donald Trump completely loses the plot

Donald Trump’s poll numbers are as ugly as ever. His scandals are multiplying by the day. He’s getting hit with one negative news cycle after another, and he’s running out of news cycles before the election. Also, his campaign appears to be broke and in disarray. And if he loses the election, he’s headed to prison. So what’s Trump doing to try to turn things around?

Well, this morning Trump spent a fair amount of time ranting about wild conspiracy theories involving Hillary Clinton. That’s right, Trump seems to think he’s still running against Hillary, four years after the fact. This is how he’s spending his limited remaining time. This is what he thinks counts for a campaign strategy.

Donald Trump has completely lost the plot. His focus is not at all where it should be or where it needs to be. He’s frittering away what little time he has left to try to turn around his failing candidacy. This means that if we put in the work required to win, such as voter registration, phone banking for Joe Biden, and polling place volunteering, we’ll be in prime position to defeat him.

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