Donald Trump loses everyone and everything as he circles the drain

Donald Trump’s favorite cable news channel just called him a loser. Trump’s favorite far-right pundit just made fun of him for being a wimp. Trump’s oldest friend was just arrested and is likely headed to prison for the rest of his life, for crimes he committed at Trump’s instruction, and Trump had to make the calculated decision to disown the guy over it. It’s only going to soon get worse.

As Trump has gradually lost so many things over the past two years – most of his advisers, the entirety of his reputation, the danger of ultimately losing his assets and freedom – the only three things he had going for him were his base, the Republican majority in Congress, and the fact that his family members are still criminally loyal to him. But at the start of this month he lost his friendly Congress. And now at the end of the month he’s finally losing his base, with the likes of Fox News and Ann Coulter throwing him under the bus. Now he’s about to start losing his family.

It’s nearly impossible to read the Roger Stone indictment and not come away with the conclusion that Donald Trump Jr is going to be indicted and arrested next. It’s one thing for Trump to throw his best “friend” into the garbage; sociopaths like him don’t truly have friends anyway. But when he soon has to decide whether to forfeit his presidency and his own chance at avoiding prison in order to stick his neck out and save his son, regardless of what he decides, it should break him.

Donald Trump is a career criminal and a traitor who is now holding an entire nation hostage in a last ditch attempt at avoiding having to pay for his crimes. He deserves every bad thing that’s about to happen to him, times ten. But this is almost becoming difficult to watch, if only because it’s headed for such a grotesque ending. Most Americans are ready to skip to the part where he’s already ousted and locked in prison, so we can simply move on. But that part is coming soon enough. This Shakespearean horror story has already been written; we’re just watching the last pages play out.

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