Lordy, there are tapes

Now that Jeffrey Epstein is dead, his victims made a court filing yesterday to try to convince the judge to invalidate the portion of Epstein’s original plea deal that has protected his co-conspirators from prosecution. No one knows for sure who all is being protected by that deal. But it’s widely believed that Epstein’s longtime associate Ghislaine Maxwell may be one of them.

Also yesterday, the FBI and the NYPD jointly raided Jeffrey Epstein’s home in the U.S. Virgin Islands. It’s not known why the raid didn’t happen before Epstein died. But because the NYPD – which is not under the direct control of the Department of Justice – was included in the raid, this suggests it was the real deal, and not merely some kind of cleanup attempt on the part of corrupt Attorney General Bill Barr.

That makes it all the more interesting that according to one of Ghislaine Maxwell’s friends, Jeffrey Epstein had the entire island wired for video. As Vanity Fair puts it, “the friend thought that [Maxwell] and Epstein were videotaping everyone on the island as an insurance policy, as blackmail.”

In other words, there are tapes – apparently of various Jeffrey Epstein co-conspirators doing whatever abominable things they were doing on that island – and the FBI and NYPD may have jointly seized them yesterday. This is potentially good news for the victims, as these are the kinds of tapes that could send Epstein’s co-conspirators to prison no matter how powerful they might be.

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