Lordy, there are tapes of Donald Trump confessing that he lied about the coronavirus threat

All along there has been no question that Donald Trump negligently mishandled the coronavirus threat in the United States from day one. He kept making false statements about how many Americans had been infected. He repeatedly called it a “hoax.” The only question has been whether Trump was merely being ignorantly negligent, or if he was doing it on purpose. Now he’s been caught flat out admitting it was the latter.

Donald Trump agreed to a series of interviews with Bob Woodward (of Woodward and Bernstein fame) for a new book. On February 7th, Trump flat out confessed that the coronavirus was “deadly stuff” – even while he was publicly calling it a hoax. On March 19th, Trump then admitted to Woodward that he had “wanted to always play it down.” Notably, Woodward recorded all of these conversations, meaning there are tapes – which Woodward will certainly release.

These taped confessions serve to erase any benefit of the doubt that voters in the middle might have been giving Donald Trump when it came to the coronavirus. In his own voice, he’s been caught admitting that he knew it was deadly all along, and that he lied to the American people about it. This isn’t just politically devastating for Trump; it’s a confession to negligent homicide.

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