Looks like this is why the entire Trump Organization is being criminally indicted

Last night the Washington Post revealed that New York prosecutors had given the Trump Organization until today to make the case that it shouldn’t be criminally indicted. This means the indictment will all but certainly happen very soon, and could potentially happen as soon as tonight or tomorrow. It also helps answer the question of what that indictment might be all about.

Last night’s WaPo article specifically referenced not just Allen Weisselberg’s failure to pay personal taxes on massive fringe benefits – which would feel more like a charge specifically against him – but also Trump Organization’s fraudulent use of misleading property values.

This feels like a clue that the initial criminal indictment against the Trump Organization this week could be related to those property values. After all, this wouldn’t merely be a crime personally committed by Weisselberg or any one person. It would be a crime that the Trump Organization’s top executives, by virtue of all knowing about it, would all be collectively guilty of. Michael Cohen testified to Congress years ago that Donald Trump was guilty of this practice, setting off the New York criminal investigation to begin with. Now it looks like everyone in the Trump Organization might go down for it.


A criminal indictment of the Trump Organization would shatter its ability to do business, likely resulting in near-instant bankruptcy and dissolution. It would also spell out to Donald Trump and his kids that they’re on track to be individually criminally indicted for these financial crimes, which could prompt them to begin trying to throw each other under the bus. We’re now just days, and maybe even just 24 hours, away from finding out what the chaotic fallout is going to look like.

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