Looks like this is real after all

This past week Joe Biden opened a whopping fifteen point lead over Donald Trump in the latest Quinnipiac poll, and an eleven point lead in the latest NBC News poll. At the time Palmer Report recommended waiting to see if the other major polls also showed growing double digit leads once they were inevitably updated.

Now the latest ABC News poll has been released. It shows Biden with a fifteen point lead over Trump among registered voters, and a ten point lead over Trump among “likely” voters. Parse that however you like, but it means that Biden now has a growing double digit lead in yet another major poll.


The Economist has Biden up nine points and Fox News has him up eight points, so not every polling outlet has Biden in double digits. But the trend here is clear. This is an opportunity for us to double down on things like voter registration and voter turnout, make sure Trump loses in too big of a blowout for his inevitable whining to make any difference, and take the Senate back as well. Let’s get to work.

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