Looks like New York prosecutors have a witness directly incriminating Donald Trump

When New York prosecutors criminally indicted Allen Weisselberg and the Trump Organization two weeks ago, it was clear that prosecutors were looking to flip Weisselberg against Trump. Some pundits insisted that Weisselberg would never flip and that without him, prosecutors wouldn’t be able to criminally indict Donald Trump personally.

But of course these kinds of doomsday narratives are always overly simplistic, relying on the old tired trope that there’s only one possible path to success – and that the one path is doomed. In reality, things are always more complex than that, and there is typically more than one path to success. It turns out another witness in the case has already directly implicated Donald Trump in the crimes that Allen Weisselberg has been indicted for – and her name is also Weisselberg.

It’s long been established that Allen Weisselberg’s former daughter in law Jennifer Weisselberg has been a cooperating witness in the New York criminal case. But what hasn’t been known is what she’s specifically told prosectors – until now.

Daily Beast is reporting that Jennifer Weisselberg told New York prosecutors that Donald Trump “personally guaranteed” the unreported benefits that were used to allow Allen Weisselberg to avoid paying taxes on large chunks of his income. Given that Allen Weisselberg was just indicted for knowingly having been on the receiving end of this fraudulent scheme, it stands to reason that prosecutors will also indict Donald Trump for knowingly having been on the paying end of this fraudulent scheme.

Of course we expect New York prosecutors will aim to indict Donald Trump for a lot more than just the Allen Weisselberg benefits scheme, and that they’ll seek more witnesses than just Jennifer Weisselberg. After all, when they take their big swing at Trump, they’ll want it to be as comprehensive as possible, in order to guarantee a conviction. But Jennifer Weisselberg’s testimony alone lays out the path for Trump to be criminally indicted.

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