Looks like Mike Pence’s inner circle is selling Donald Trump out to the January 6th Committee

Mike Pence, a deer in the headlights who fantasizes about running for President in 2024, is hated by large chunks of Donald Trump’s supporters but feels compelled to side with them anyway, because he has no political support whatsoever outside Trump’s base. So Pence is unlikely to cooperate with the January 6th Committee except in ways that he ends up being legally compelled to.

But that doesn’t appear to be true for Mike Pence’s staff. Some of Pence’s key vice presidential staffers have agreed to work with the January 6th Committee, according to a new report from CNN. This is a big deal because the people who were in the room with Pence can testify to the same things as Pence.


This means we’re likely to end up with senior Mike Pence staffers testifying about how Donald Trump illegally pressured Pence to somehow magically overturn the 2020 election result. Keep in mind that while the current phase of the committee’s investigation consists of closed door interviews to keep one witness from knowing what another witness is saying, the next phase of the probe will consist of televised interviews for all to see. And now we know that some of Pence’s key people are looking to serve up Trump on a silver platter.

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