Looks like Louie Gohmert has given coronavirus to at least one other House member

This week, Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert tested positive for coronavirus. This was a big deal because he’s one of the deranged stooges who has spent the past several weeks refusing to wear a mask during House meetings and hearings. We’ve been waiting for news about whether Gohmert infected anyone else with his mask-less stunt.

Now Democratic Congressman Raúl Grijalva has also tested positive for coronavirus, after having participated in a hearing with Louie Gohmert. It’s not a certainty, but it is likely, that Grijalva caught it from Gohmert. Grijalva was wearing a mask, but that doesn’t provide absolute protection when the other person is refusing to wear a mask.

It won’t happen, because the House Republican leadership is a bunch of useless cowards, but Louie Gohmert should be suspended from Congress for this. He had no right to go around refusing to wear a mask and infecting people.

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