Donald Trump’s long hard fall has begun

Donald Trump lost his reelection bid today, meaning he’s now on an unmistakable downward path. During his final days in office we’ll see him unravel in rather pathetic fashion, as he tries to decide whether to spend his time fighting a no-win battle over the election, result, or spend his time trying to give himself a soft landing for the criminal trials he’s about to face.

In a sign of just how badly Donald Trump is already unraveling, his campaign held a press conference today at the “Four Seasons” in Philadelphia which they apparently thought was going to be a hotel, but instead it was a landscaping store in a seedy neighborhood:

So this is how it begins to end. Donald Trump is in for a long hard fall, and it’s going to be utterly humiliating for him – both in terms of the ugly ending for him and the incompetent manner in which he’ll get there.

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