Rudy Giuliani apparently kept a log book of the crimes he committed for Donald Trump

Over the past week we’ve seen Rudy Giuliani’s Ukraine scandal henchmen arrested. We’ve seen multiple reports that the Feds have sifted through Rudy’s bank records, and that they therefore already know what illegal foreign payoffs he was taking and what crimes he was committing in return. Rudy is screwed. The question has been how much damage the case against Rudy might do to Donald Trump. It turns out Rudy may have written it all down.

Donald Trump’s longtime legal adviser Jay Goldberg appeared on the Ari Melber show on MSNBC on Thursday evening and said that “Rudy Giuliani likes to keep a log of the things that he’s doing” so he can show the progress to his clients. Goldberg went on to specify that he thinks there’s a log book out there when it comes to what Rudy was doing for Trump.

When Melber asked Goldberg the obvious question about whether his revelation about the log book might cause it to be subpoenaed, Goldberg backed down a bit and suggested that the log book might not be important enough to warrant a subpoena.

But make no mistake: once the SDNY gets word of what Goldberg just said about Rudy Giuliani’s log book of the crimes he was committing for Donald Trump, you can bet your bottom dollar that it’ll make every effort to obtain this log book (if it doesn’t have it already). The kicker is that Rudy is so far gone, the SDNY probably won’t have a hard time baiting him into blurting out where he keeps it hidden.

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