Donald Trump’s “Lock Him Up” moment was even worse for him than we thought

In a stunning and soaring display of patriotism last night, the World Series crowd at Nationals Park loudly booed Donald Trump when his face appeared on the jumbotron screen, and then loudly chanted “Lock Him Up,” making clear that Trump’s presence wasn’t welcome at the game. It was a perfect reception for an illegitimate president who is in the process of being impeached by Congress, and indicted by a grand jury, for his criminal scandals.

Various mainstream media pundits have criticized the baseball crowd’s actions, in a cheap attempt at throwing Donald Trump a bone and thus “appearing unbiased” in the eyes of the lowest of low-information viewers. Here’s the thing, though. That crowd was speaking for the majority of Americans. Now it turns out those boos were even louder than we thought.

The various video clips posted to social media suggested that the sustained booing of Donald Trump was impressively loud. But audio-video capture can be deceptive. So was it really as loud and widespread as it seemed? As it turns out, yes. The Washington Post says that the booing reached nearly a hundred decibels.


That’s the kind of number you’d hit during a key moment in a game, where the crowd is going wild. In other words, World Series fans despise Donald Trump and his crime spree every bit as emphatically as they love their sports team. That’s real passion. Poll numbers make clear that these sports fans were speaking on behalf of most Americans. Trump has a real problem on his hands.

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