“Lock him up!” – Donald Trump gets lambasted by New York City crowd during his Veterans Day speech

Donald Trump’s babysitters took him to a World Series game in Washington DC and a UFC fight in New York City, only to find that he got loudly booed at both venues. They then had to take him to an Alabama football game to find a crowd deranged enough to cheer him. Now Trump’s handlers have inexplicably taken him back to New York City for another public appearance. Let’s just say that it isn’t going well for him.

Perhaps Donald Trump’s diaper-changers thought they’d be able to prevent him from getting booed in New York City this time around if they insulated him within a Veterans Day event. But while the crowd was plenty supportive to the veterans and their parade, the crowd was every bit as vicious toward Trump as the traitor deserves.

Everyone from CNN to the AP is reporting that when Donald Trump gave his Veterans Day speech today at Madison Square Park, the crowd loudly booed him, and began chanting “Lock him up!” This is similar to what Trump faced at the World Series. Various people on social media have posted images of the words “Impeach” and “Convict” spelled in giant letters the windows of an apartment building that was within plain view of Trump’s speech.

The polls show that the majority of Americans want Donald Trump impeached and removed from office for his crimes – and this is before the televised impeachment hearings begin this Wednesday. Even as Trump’s presidency circles the drain, a grand jury in New York is in the process of criminally indicting him on state charges. “Lock him up” is indeed on its way to happening.

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