Donald Trump loses Liz Cheney as everything falls apart for him

Republican Congresswoman Liz Cheney is now telling Donald Trump to move aside. No surprise. The longer he pretends he’s contesting the election for cash, the more he gets in the way of other Republicans who are running their own evil schemes. They were always going to selfishly turn on Trump in the end.

Trump is now attacking Liz Cheney in response. No surprise. Trump can see that the Republicans are starting to selfishly shove him off the stage. We’ll continue to see more of this. It’s never about whether the Republicans have a “spine” or a “conscience.” It’s only ever a matter of when the dead weight of a defeated Trump was going to start getting in the way of the GOP’s corrupt agenda.

– Yes, it’s shameful that GOP Congressman Mike Kelly has filed suit to try to overturn the results in Pennsylvania. But it’s equally important to note that his case has literally zero chance of going anywhere. This isn’t something to panic or fret over, just as Rudy Giuliani’s court case wasn’t anything to panic or fret over. None of this is going anywhere. Trump knows it; why do you think he’s given up and settled on playing golf?

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