Donald Trump just got on the phone and ruined some little kid’s Christmas

So far this week Donald Trump has managed to shut down the government, crash the stock market, chase away his best military adviser, and tweet “I am all alone (poor me)” amid some kind of pity party. Trump is screwing up so badly, the only way he could top it is if he ruined some seven year old kid’s Christmas – so that’s precisely what he did.

For some reason, White House handlers thought it would be a good idea to set up an increasingly addled Donald Trump to take phone calls from little kids on Christmas Eve, while the cameras were rolling. Here’s what Trump said on the phone to a seven year old kid, as captured in a video posted by the Daily Beast: “Are you still a believer in Santa? Because at seven it’s marginal, right?”

In other words, if this kid was still a believer in Santa Claus, the “President” of the United States just basically told him that Santa isn’t real. Watch the utterly deranged video for yourself below:

Interestingly, a video posted to social media captures a different moment from the event, in which Donald Trump is answering reporters’ questions about his border wall while he has the phone to his ear. It’s unclear if there was a child on the line with him at the time. This moment has led some to question if perhaps this entire thing was setup, and whether there were really any kids on the line at all. Considering Trump’s track record of dishonesty, anything is possible.

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