GOP Senator Lisa Murkowski throws Donald Trump under the bus after Sidney Powell debacle

GOP Senator Lisa Murkowski is now calling for Trump to give up and transition to Biden. She gets zero points for being this late. But it’s the latest reminder that the longer Trump drags this out, the less leverage he has, and the more republicans are going to selfishly dunk him.

Another thing to keep in mind is that in order for Trump to keep dragging out this charade, he has to keep resorting to increasingly egregious antics. Now that he’s meeting with state legislators, and hiring (and firing) lunatics like Sidney Powell, his antics are becoming more inconvenient for those Republican politicians who are simply trying to get back to their usual corrupt agenda.

Sidney Powell is such a lunatic, she managed to get fired from a team that also has lunatics like Jenna Ellis and Rudy Giuliani on it. That’s right, Trump fired the lawyer who wanted to release the Kraken, but kept the lawyer who tweeted “MicroPenis” last night, and kept the lawyer whose face keeps melting.

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