The real reason Lisa Murkowski just screwed us all over

Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski, ever the fence sitter, voted against moving forward with the Supreme Court confirmation vote for Amy Coney Barrett – but after that vote succeeded, Murkowski announced she’ll vote to confirm Barrett. This is not particularly surprising. Murkowski isn’t a particularly conservative Republican, but she’s long been a particularly awful one.

So why is she doing this? One way or the other, it surely has to do with her own reelection bid in 2022. Perhaps she thinks that pretending to split the difference with her vote will appeal to voters in the middle (it won’t). Perhaps she thinks that her only shot at winning is if she keeps Mitch McConnell and his Super PAC happy (she should ask Susan Collins how this worked out for her). Or perhaps Murkowski just wants to make sure that if she loses, she’ll have kept the GOP special interests happy enough to land a lobbying job (the Jeff Flake route).

But whatever the specific reason, Lisa Murkowski just put villainy over country. When she runs for reelection in 2022, we’re going to destroy her. If she thinks she’s safe just because she’s a Republican in Alaska, she should take a look at how much trouble GOP Senator Dan Sullivan is facing in his current reelection bid. We’ll take Murkowski down – but that’s two years away. For now all we can do is focus on taking down the Republican villains who are up for reelection in ten days.

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