Lindsey Graham’s Rod Rosenstein stunt is already backfiring on him

In the midst of a deadly pandemic and worsening civil unrest, Donald Trump’s deranged mascot Lindsey Graham has decided that what people really want to hear about right now is a wacky conspiracy theory where the Trump-Russia scandal was somehow a plot against Trump. Just kidding, Graham knows that no one in America wants to hear about this nonsense. But Graham knows that Trump wants to hear about it, and the mentally unstable Graham is playing to an audience of one.

To give you an idea of how deeply sick (and in need of professional psychological help) Lindsey Graham is, he showed up to today’s Senate hearing with a new hairdo which almost precisely matches the style and color of Donald Trump’s own bizarre hairdo. That served as symbolism for what a farce this was going to be. But when Graham called former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to testify, things definitely didn’t go Trump’s way.

Rosenstein is a weasel who in hindsight appears to have been sabotaging Robert Mueller all along, and who publicly kissed Donald Trump’s butt after Trump illegally shut down Mueller’s probe. But even Rosenstein wasn’t willing to fully do Trump’s bidding today, while under oath. Rosenstein testified that the Trump-Russia scandal was legitimate and was definitely not a hoax, thus directly contradicting Trump’s obsessive insistence that his own criminal entanglements with the Kremlin were somehow a plot against him.

Of course Rod Rosenstein did use his testimony to smear former FBI Assistant Director Andrew McCabe, a frequent target of Donald Trump’s rage. But that’s not surprising, considering the long running and widely documented grudge between Rosenstein and McCabe. While Rosenstein shamed himself today, he certainly didn’t help Donald Trump’s cause. Even Lindsey Graham, who belongs in a straitjacket, seems to understand this. But Trump, who at this point is at least 50% senile, probably thinks today’s debacle somehow helped his reelection prospects. It didn’t.

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