Oh shut up, Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham doesn’t have a problem with the fact that Donald Trump colluded with a foreign enemy government to alter the presidential election in his own favor. Nor does Lindsey Graham have a problem with the fact that Donald Trump put an alleged serial rapist on the Supreme Court. In fact Graham led the charge in helping him do it. Graham has become an immoral, complicit villain with no semblance of a moral compass. But hold the presses, because Lindsey finally has a problem with Trump.

Donald Trump has decided to illegally bypass Congress and sell weapons to Saudi Arabia and its Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. That’s a bit of a problem, as the Crown Prince was the one who had American journalist Jamal Khashoggi murdered and dismembered. Trump has no problem with this, both because he worships evil people who are friendly to him, and because the Saudi regime owns Trump financially.

Lindsey Graham has decided he doesn’t like this move one bit. That’s kind of odd, really, when you consider that Graham automatically and giddily approves of everything Trump does these days, no matter how criminal or evil. Not only is Graham weirdly siding against Trump on this one isolated evil move while continuing to cheerlead the rest of Trump’s evil agenda, Graham is doing it in public – and emphatically. Graham went on Fox News on Sunday morning to announce that Trump shouldn’t do it, while being sure to remind everyone that Bin Salman is a cold blooded murderer.

Why is Lindsey Graham doing this? If perhaps only out of morbid curiosity, there’s a part of me that would like to be able to parse the obvious blackmail and obvious loss of mental competence that have both contributed to Graham’s devolution into a steaming pile of incoherent toxic garbage. But the reality is that, whatever has happened to Graham, he doesn’t belong within a million miles of the Senate, and often comes across as someone who shouldn’t be allowed outdoors unsupervised. What’s more, after Trump goes through with this deal, Lindsey will just sort of forget he’s opposed to it, because that’s what compromised unhinged lunatics do. Graham is up for reelection 2020, and he must he voted out.

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