Lindsey Graham is in need of medical attention

When you say the name “Lindsey Graham” you have to specify which one you’re talking about it. Is it the Lindsey Graham who rabidly supported Bill Clinton’s impeachment, or the Lindsey Graham who is willing to tell any lie to protect Donald Trump from impeachment? Is it the Lindsey Graham who worshipped John McCain, or the Lindsey Graham who now worships McCain’s enemy Trump? Now we have yet another Lindsey Graham iteration on our hands.

Even as Lindsey Graham continues to invoke bizarre logic and tell deranged lies while defending Donald Trump from impeachment, Graham is also going off the deep end in the name of condemning Trump for his military pullout from northern Syria. Graham is now questioning Trump’s willingness to abide by his “oath of office” while flatly saying that if he has to listen to Trump’s rationale for the pullout one more time, “I’m going to throw up.”

This is all according to a surreal new interview that Graham has done with Axios, which leaves us with far more questions than answers. For instance, why is Graham bending so far dishonestly backward to try to keep Trump from being ousted, while also bending so far backward to punch holes in what little is left of Trump’s tenability for remaining in office?

You almost have to wonder if the ‘You’ll never impeach Trump as long as I’m in town’ version of Lindsey Graham and the ‘Trump makes me want to vomit’ version of Lindsey Graham are each even aware that the other exists. This guy never makes sense when he speaks, period – but when you place his words within the context of his other words, it’s clear that the guy is in need of some kind of medical attention. And this is the best defender Trump has?

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