Lindsey Graham is a threat to national security

There are plenty of people serving in politics who aren’t psychologically fit to be there; it’s always been that way, to varying degrees. But what happens when a high ranking political official becomes so far removed from psychological competence that he’s become a threat to national security?

Just ask Senator Lindsey Graham. We all spent the past few years watching him go from a relatively reasonable McCain lapdog to a completely unhinged Trump lapdog. Now that Trump is gone from relevance and Graham can’t find anyone new to latch onto, he’s simply flailing increasingly erratic fashion.

On Wednesday, President Biden announced that the United States will finally wrap up the Afghanistan War by September, after twenty costly years of not getting results. It would be one thing for Lindsey Graham to honestly disagree with the move. Instead, Graham has gone on Fox News and declared that the move is “paving the way for another 9/11.” Oh shut up, you jackass.

Lindsey Graham knows darn well that this isn’t how any of it works. It’s not that magically simplistic. When terror groups can’t operate out of one Middle Eastern country, they simply shift operations elsewhere. The notion that this withdrawal could cause another 9/11 is idiotic.

The thing is, Graham doesn’t care. He just wants to feel relevant, so he’s going on television and spreading false information about national security matters. He’s a high ranking Senator, which makes it all the worse. The more unhinged Graham becomes, the more of a threat he is to national security.

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