Lindsey Graham goes completely off the deep end on inauguration day

Has any Senator had such an embarrassing and bizarre fall from grace as Lindsey Graham? Once respected on both sides of the aisle, Graham is now a semi-coherent shell of himself, fawning over the worst of people and dishonestly attacking just about everyone else.

On the day President Joe Biden was inaugurated today, Lindsey Graham decided it was a good time to begin complaining about how Donald T***p’s kids have been treated, while insisting that “there are allegations about Hunter Biden and his brother monetizing the vice presidency and all of the sudden you’re a bad guy if you want to let the process move forward.”

We think Lindsey Graham was referring to Joe Biden’s brother James Biden, and not Hunter Biden’s late brother Beau Biden, but that kind of incoherency has become a hallmark for Graham these days. In any case, the “Hunter Biden” scandal has proven to have been a fake, and so now Graham is moving on to smearing other members of the Biden family. Graham needs to resign and seek psychiatric help.

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