Lindsey Graham gives away just how rattled he is

When Donald Trump’s allies publicly blamed Lindsey Graham this week for the fact that Trump gave taped coronavirus confessions to Bob Woodward, you’d think Graham would have pushed back or sought revenge. But Graham being Graham, he instead decided to simply continue cowering to Trump. Now Graham is revealing just how rattled he is – about his own reelection battle.

Lindsey Graham tweeted this about his Democratic opponent Jaime Harrison: “It’s been 72 hours since I released 11 years of state and federal tax returns and challenged @HarrisonJaime to do the same. Crickets. What is he hiding?”

Where do we even begin with this? Donald Trump’s human lapdog Lindsey Graham is now trying to make a big deal about someone else not releasing their tax returns? Has Graham forgotten that Trump went all the way to the Supreme Court (and lost) in an attempt at suppressing his tax returns? But the real giveaway is that Graham is attacking Jaime Harrison in such frantic fashion. The race between Graham and Harrison is roughly tied – and Graham is clearly rattled.

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