Well that just blew up in Lindsey Graham’s face

Now that Donald Trump’s Ukraine extortion plot has failed and backfired on him, and the House impeachment inquiry is making things worse for Trump by the day, his least effective and most mentally deranged ally is devising a really stupid last ditch plot to save him. Lindsey Graham has announced that he’ll abuse his position as Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman to launch a sham investigation into Joe Biden.

This of course won’t work. No one outside of Donald Trump’s deranged supporters, who are already going to vote for him anyway, is going to believe or care about anything that comes out of the mouth of an obviously mentally incapacitated flailing idiot like Lindsey Graham. He will, however, succeed in completely destroying himself – and maybe even lose his own Senate seat in the process.

Lindsey Graham is taking particular heat for launching a phony Senate investigation into Joe Biden, a man he’s spent decades heaping praise on. So now Graham is fighting back against this by posting this tweet: “I love Joe Biden as a person but we are not going to give a pass to what is obviously a conflict of interest. I believe Hunter Biden’s association on the Burisma board doesn’t pass the smell test. If a Republican was in the same position, they’d certainly be investigated!”


It’s not too difficult to figure out why this immediately blew up in Lindsey Graham’s face. Not only is he making up an obviously false scandal about Hunter Biden, he’s insisting that if Donald Trump’s kids did this kind of thing, they’d be investigated for it. In reality, Trump’s kids are running a criminal empire and are exploiting the White House to further their criminal antics. Lindsey Graham needs to be locked up, for his safety and the safety of others.

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