Ivanka Trump’s whole life just went to hell

Try to imagine being Ivanka Trump right now. She knows that her father Donald Trump, her brother Donald Trump Jr, and her husband Jared Kushner are all eventually headed to prison. She’s just hoping she somehow doesn’t end up going to prison along with them. She’s been sitting back and nervously waiting for the inevitable arrests to begin. Now she’s suddenly facing an even uglier scenario: one of her family members sending the rest to prison.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has found a particularly effective method of getting to Jared Kushner. He’s investigating one of Kushner’s close friends for his alleged involvement in the Trump-Russia plot, with the goal of forcing the friend to cut a plea deal against Kushner. If and when that happens, Kushner will be left with two choices. The first will be to go to prison for the rest of his life. The second will be to cut a plea deal against Donald Trump, and get out of prison before his hairline finishes receding.

As this is playing out in real time, Ivanka Trump is right in the middle of it. Who’s she even aligned with at this point? If she pushes Kushner to cut a deal, he might get out of prison before the kids finish growing up. Meanwhile, with Donald Trump Sr and Jr serving long term prison sentences, Ivanka gets to take over the family business if she can figure out how to dodge criminal charges herself. But that’s a pipe dream. The reality is that Ivanka’s family is not only about to get shattered, it’s about to shatter itself.

As we speak, Ivanka Trump is holed up at Camp David with Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr, and Jared Kushner. That must be a fun conversation they’re having right now. One way or the other, Ivanka loses – and that’s before getting to the possibility that she’ll end up in prison for Trump Organization money laundering.

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