Donald Trump’s lies spiral out of control

Joyce Vance and Barbara McQuade are former United States Attorneys and frequent MSNBC contributors, often providing their legal insight into Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Trump-Russia treason. During a recent appearance on AM Joy, they were discussing some of the recent bombshell stories surrounding Donald Trump’s multitude of criminal activities. While there are so many scandals to discuss, the conversation quickly turned to Trump’s level of honesty, or lack thereof.

When asked about Trump’s blatant lies throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, Vance opined, “I think one of the most important takeaways here actually is an extra-legal takeaway. It’s the notion — that as American citizens — a candidate lied to us during the campaign.” She continued, “We need to take a moment and think about how truly outrageous this is.” While we have all become accustomed to Trump’s constant use of mistruths, and with politicians often referred to as dishonest, what we have witnessed over the past couple years compares to nothing we have experienced in this nation’s history. What many have known for quite some time – that Donald Trump is a career criminal – appears to finally be accepted by cable news channels, save Fox News.

“Democracy is all about giving full information to voters so they can cast a ballot for the candidate of their choice,” McQuade stated. “And by lying and covering up about his past on the eve of the election and violating the laws designed to create transparency, they say that President Trump clouded the process for the American voters.” Given the recent news that Trump directed Michael Cohen, his longtime personal lawyer and fixer, to pay hush money to prevent voters from knowing about his extramarital affairs, it is clear that Trump was willing to keep everyone in the dark.

In an analogy that even Donald Trump could appreciate, McQuade quipped, “When immigrants procure their citizenship by fraud, we strip them of their citizenship. When a president procures his presidency by fraud, should we consider doing the same?” I believe a vast majority of Americans would respond to this question with an unequivocal “Yes!” While there are no laws to undo all of the damage Trump’s administration has already done, it becomes more clear every day that Mueller is working to undo some aspects.