Donald Trump’s final countdown begins

When Special Counsel Robert Mueller got his hands on the transcript of Roger Stone’s perjured House Intelligence Committee testimony, Mueller promptly indicted and arrested him with a pre-dawn knock on the door, even though other aspects of the criminal case against Stone were still being built. Now Mueller suddenly has his hands on the transcripts of dozens of Trump’s other people, including a number of headlining names.

This means Robert Mueller can now indict and arrest any of these Trump-Russia perjurers at any time. In reality he’s going to do it in strategic fashion. In some instances he’ll bust people out of the blue, just to put legal pressure on Donald Trump. In other instances Mueller will indict them in order to convince a judge to sign off on a search and seizure warrant to be executed during the arrest, as he did with Stone, so the seized evidence can be used to facilitate building the rest of the case.

While there’s a logic to who’s about to get an FBI knock on the door and when, no one outside of Mueller’s office knows what that logic is. So these perjurers are sitting at home, knowing they’ll get the knock eventually, going to bed each night with the knowledge that tomorrow morning could be the morning.

Beyond the direct confirmation from Congress that Donald Trump Jr committed perjury, and the indirect hints that Jared Kushner and Jeff Sessions did the same, we don’t know for sure who all is going to get popped. But we do know that Devin Nunes invited all of these people in specifically so they could claim false innocence, so that he could release a report which “cleared” them.

With the exception of anyone on this list who might have decided to come in and tell the ugly truth instead, or who might have since secretly cut a plea deal, the following people are going to be arrested for perjury: Donald Trump Jr. Jared Kushner. Jeff Sessions. Erik Prince. Hope Hicks. Corey Lewandowski. Jeff Sessions. And those are just the biggest names.

Robert Mueller can now arrest any of them at any moment, and will arrest all of them eventually, again with the exception of anyone who told the truth to begin with or who has since joined Team Mueller. This is like a horror movie, but in reverse, where the good guy gets to bust in on the villains in their sleep any time he wants, and have them locked up accordingly. Let the games begin.