Donald Trump’s key political ally now facing lengthy prison sentence

Back when Donald Trump was first launching his 2016 campaign for president, Chris Collins was the first Republican Congressman to endorse him. Since that time, Collins has been indicted for insider trading, he’s resigned, and he’s pleaded guilty. Now prosecutors have announced how much prison time they’re seeking in his case, and let’s just say that it isn’t pretty.

The Feds now say they want Chris Collins to spend more than four years in prison, specifically citing Collins’ lies to federal agents, and his attempt at using his office to try to avoid criminal prosecution. In other words they’re making an example out of him because he went so far out of his way to criminally abuse his power as a Congressman, and they want to send a message to other high office holders who might be thinking about doing the same thing. While the judge could vary from this, it’s unlikely that Collins will get much less time than prosecutors are asking for. In other words, he’s screwed.

Of course the second Republican Congressman to endorse Donald Trump was Duncan Hunter, and he’s also since been indicted, forced to resign, and convinced to plead guilty. Hunter is also headed to prison, with prosecutors seeking a minimum of a one year sentence.

This should serve as a wake-up call to any other Republicans in the House and Senate who may be committing crimes on Donald Trump’s behalf, and who think that their allegiance to Trump is going to protect them. Collins and Hunter were two of Trump’s earliest loyalists, but they’re about to rot in prison, and Trump isn’t doing a thing to help them.

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