Donald Trump’s legal team unravels as Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis appear to fire Sidney Powell

Earlier today Donald Trump’s election legal team lawyer Sidney Powell went on a conspiracy theory bender that somehow involved Bernie Sanders conspiring with Georgia’s Republican Governor to rig the election against Trump. She also claimed that the race was rigged for Republican Kelly Loeffler over her fellow Republican Doug Collins.

It now appears Powell’s particular brand of crazy has managed to go too far even for the likes of Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, who put out a joint statement this evening insisting that Powell does not represent Donald Trump. But prior tweets from Trump and Ellis confirm that Powell was on the team as recently as a few days ago, meaning she’s apparently now been fired. That is, if Giuliani and Ellis even have the ability to fire her.

This raises further questions about whether a defeated and dejected Donald Trump, who spent the weekend golfing, is even involved in this ongoing charade of pretending to contest the election results. Did he sign off on firing Sidney Powell? Does Trump still believe in Powell’s conspiracy theories, or is he now limiting himself to the conspiracy theories being pushed by Giuliani and Ellis? In any case, this is all now unraveling at warp speed. Trump is toast.

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