Donald Trump’s Russia lawyers blow a gasket

John Dowd, Donald Trump’s lead lawyer in the Russia scandal, has resigned from his position over strategy in the Trump-Russia probe. With Dowd quitting and Trump adding Joseph E DiGenova to his legal defense, it seems Trump’s defense against the probe will go full throttle in trying to discredit the FBI and Special Counsel Robert Mueller as a last gasp effort to escape the inevitable: seized assets, worldwide humiliation and eventual incarceration.

DiGenova has already tipped that hand by making the rounds at FOX News and spreading the narrative that the Trump-Russia probe is a massive FBI conspiracy to frame Donald Trump. Keep in mind that DiGenova also played some football in the days where they didn’t wear helmets.

With Dowd stepping down, do not be surprised if Alan Dershowitz takes a position in Trump’s defense, possibly as an appellate advisor, like he did in the O.J. Simpson trial. Don’t be surprised if Dershowitz and DiGenova go immorally low in trying to put the FBI on trial while spinning outrageous tales of FBI corruption. Dershowitz was a constant pundit on various TV news programs during the Simpson trial, but in reality looked like he was auditioning for a role in the proceedings, so he could write a few books afterwards to shamelessly make millions by putting the LAPD on trial when the real crime was that two people were stabbed to death.

Alan Dershowitz is a good lawyer, but he usually goes where the money is, low or high profiled, it doesn’t matter who the client is, as long as there is a book to be written afterwards and money to be made. Dershowitz probably would have been an appellate advisor for Hitler, if he ever lived and stood trial at Nuremberg, arguing the Allied armies were in a mass conspiracy to frame Adolf and The Third Reich.

You will be seeing a lot of Dershowitz and DiGenova over the next few months trying to discredit the FBI and Special Counsel Mueller. You will also see many Trump lackeys being paraded out to help spread the manure on really thick. Be prepared for some massive mudslinging. — Frank V. D’Ambra is the author of the books Annihilation and The Pledge

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