Is something wrong with Donald Trump’s left arm?

Donald Trump made a public appearance today with Conan, the hero military dog from the Al-Baghdadi raid. This was obviously designed to try to make Trump look more human and thus boost his terrible poll numbers. The trouble is, something seemed off about Trump’s physical appearance – and it’s raising questions across social media about what might be wrong with him.

Donald Trump is one of those people whose arms and hands tend to be overly animated while he speaks. But various observers noted that while Trump was speaking during the dog photo op today, he was – how can we say this? – far more animated with his right arm than his left arm. To be clear, he was waving his left arm and hand around at various points, so his arm is definitely not fully incapacitated. But there definitely appeared to be something wrong, including a stretch where Trump put both of his hand in front of him while talking, and his right hand gesticulated wildly, while he kept his left hand nearly still.

The trouble for Donald Trump is this: last week he was unexpectedly taken to the hospital, prompting his White House to throw all kinds of strange excuses at the wall in the name of covering up whatever was going on. Now Trump is making a public appearance, and he’s using his left arm in far less animated fashion than his right arm.

There are plenty of explanations for what was going on today. Some observers are asking on social media if Donald Trump had a minor stroke last week. He could just as easily have sprained his elbow; his narcissism would have prompted him to force the White House to cover that up as well. Maybe his left arm was just cold. Or maybe it’s merely yet another sign that Trump is an erratic weirdo. But his dishonesty about his recent hospital visit has left the public looking for signs of what might be physically wrong with him, and his seeming arm trouble is only going to heighten that scrutiny.

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