Rudy Giuliani was planning to leave the country along with his associates before they were arrested

This is all starting to read like something out of a spy novel. First we learned that Rudy Giuliani’s Ukraine scandal associates were trying to flee the country when they were arrested last night. Then we learned that Rudy had lunch with them yesterday, raising questions about what they might have discussed. Now it turns out Rudy was planning to leave the country with them.

Rudy Giuliani’s associates were trying to take a one-way flight to Vienna, Austria last night when they were arrested. But Elaina Plott of The Atlantic says that before the arrests happened yesterday, Rudy told her that he was planning to fly to Vienna. That means Rudy was planning to leave the country with his associates.

Sure, they were planning to travel on different flights, but they were heading to the same foreign city on the same day, which obviously would not have been a coincidence under the circumstances. Rudy claims he wasn’t planning to rendezvous with them once he got there, but that doesn’t pass the laugh test. This raises so many questions, it’s difficult to know where to start.

When Rudy Giuliani decided to leave the country with his associates, did he know they were about to be arrested? Was he trying to help get them out of the country? Was this what their lunch conversation was about? Considering the chain of events, is it even possible that Rudy was in the dark about the impending arrests? This spy novel just keeps getting stranger.

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