Leaked memo exposes Republican Party’s depraved agenda

Tell a lie often enough and people accept it as fact. It’s a basic rule of propaganda that’s been around since the mid-20th century, and the Republicans have never missed an opportunity to put it into action since. Right now, they’re desperate to kill the Democrats’ infrastructure plan – however popular spending on infrastructure might be, because it’ll then be the perfect excuse to frame President Biden and the Democrats as being incompetent and reckless spenders who never get anything done that they promise to do during campaign season.

Prior to meeting with President Biden this week, that was the GOP plan, anyway. You don’t need to guess that there was some variation of this as their strategy – because there’s solid evidence that leaked in the form of a memo to Republican Party leadership. Before even talking with the president, Senate Republicans have made it clear that they have no intention of helping this law pass. Instead, they have an ambitious list of lies to spread around about it – with false claims about how it could eliminate jobs and simply exists to prop up pet projects for the Democratic Party.

The other problem is that even by the Republicans’ definition the things proposed in this bill count as infrastructure – the basic physical and organizational structures needed for a society to operate, and rather than subtract jobs, the plan if passed would add about 2.7 million more to the economy, while also protecting the rights of workers. This gives Democrats up for re-election an opportunity to get ahead of the lies before they start spreading and the perfect talking points to highlight about the upcoming Jobs Act, and it’s yet another reason why Republicans shouldn’t be trusted with leadership of any branch of government for the foreseeable future.

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