Donald Trump’s lawyers are bailing on him at a record pace

Is something afoot in Trump land? The Guardian reported that Trump’s high-powered lawyers moved to withdraw from the Pennsylvania ballot challenge case late Thursday night. Porter Wright Morris & Arthur filed suit on behalf of Donald Trump on Monday, and now, they want out. The case alleged that mail-in ballots created “an illegal two-tiered voting system,” which is inaccurate. If a state rules that its citizens can vote by mail, then they can vote by mail. There is nothing “illegal” about it.

So far, there is no plausible explanation for the withdrawal, especially with looming deadlines and a hearing scheduled. Politico reported that it is “highly unusual” for a major law firm to withdraw from a suit it filed only a few days earlier. In instances like this the judge’s approval is required, as such withdrawal is seen as potentially damaging to the litigant’s case. Of course, one must have a case for that to matter.

Before Porter Wright requested withdrawal, the Trump campaign’s Arizona counsel, Snell & Wilmer, similarly moved to withdraw from the Arizona case. The Arizona judge granted the firm’s request, and according to the Guardian, that suit has been withdrawn in its entirety. This comes amid the news on Friday night that Donald Trump has put Rudy Giuliani of all people in charge of his election legal team.

Even as Trump continues his ludicrous lawsuits, endangering our country with delays, Bipartisan Report revealed that Wisconsin has completed its vote canvass in 51 of 72 counties, and the news is not exactly what Trump was looking for: Trump lost 271 votes while Joe Biden gained 10. Wisconsin counties should complete their canvass in time to certify by the November 17 deadline. Further, not one instance of fraud was detected in Wisconsin.

In the end, Trump’s tantrums mean nothing, especially to Joe Biden, who is moving forward with his transition. Having already named Ron Klain his chief of staff, Biden is focusing on his cabinet. He wants a cabinet that not only reflects the America in which we live, but he will choose only the most capable, unlike Trump who appointed donors, friends, and family. Some potential cabinet members have been mentioned—though no one knows for sure — but one of the newer names floated in the Guardian was Pete Buttigieg as UN Ambassador, though the outlet also speculates that Buttigieg could be tapped to lead Veterans Affairs or the Office of Budget Management. Buttigieg is well liked by many close to Biden, and they see his potential in either or all these positions.

Let Trump continue to throw tantrums while Biden’s progress keeps us excited and looking forward to what the next administration will do to improve conditions in America. We must also keep our eyes on the Georgia Senate runoffs, as winning both seats could mean winning the Senate majority and shutting down Moscow Mitch McConnell.

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