We told you Rudy Giuliani’s lawyer got to him

Over the weekend, Rudy Giuliani insisted during an interview – for the second time this month – that he had “insurance” in case Donald Trump tries to throw him under the bus. Hours after Rudy made the remark, he posted an utterly bizarre tweet asserting that what he really meant was that he had insurance in case Joe Biden tried to have him murdered.

At the time, Palmer Report pointed out that Rudy’s “insurance” remark was a felony because it meant he was trying to extort Donald Trump into pardoning him by reminding Trump that he has dirt on him. Rudy’s tweet about Biden wasn’t remotely believable, but it did take a stab at carving out a smidgeon on reasonable doubt for when Rudy is eventually charged with extortion among numerous other crimes. We suggested that Rudy’s attorney must have gotten to him.

It turns out we were correct. After Rudy’s silly tweet didn’t do much to help his case, his attorney made a point of telling Reuters that Rudy was just joking about having insurance against Donald Trump. Wait, so now the story has changed again. We’ve gone from Rudy trying to extort Trump, to Rudy claiming he was somehow talking about Biden instead of Trump, to Rudy’s attorney now admitting that Rudy was talking about Trump but insisting that Rudy was joking. You need a flow chart to keep track of all the BS this guy is shoveling.

In any case, it’s more clear than ever that Rudy Giuliani needs adult supervision. The criminal case against him is already a slam dunk, and he’s going to be convicted. If Trump does try to pardon him, New York State will surely bring parallel charges that can’t be pardoned. Rudy is already just about guaranteed to spend the rest of his life in prison – and his mouth keeps adding years to his sentence.

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