Lauren Boebert just got completely humiliated

Lauren Boebert just doesn’t know how to quit while she’s behind. Her insurrectionist antics and absurd rhetoric have made her a pariah and a national punchline. Instead of lying low for awhile and attempting to retool her disastrous message, she’s doubling down on her idiocy.

Boebert conducted an interview with several guns placed directly behind her, in a rather obvious attempt at pandering to the gun addict crowd. The thing is, she doesn’t even appear to know how one of the guns works.

Congressman Ruben Gallego, who spent six years in the United States Marine Corps and is highly familiar with serious weaponry, pointed out on Twitter that Lauren Boebert’s giant gun didn’t even have its ejection port closed: “Anyone with a rifle that has an ejection port would be embarrassed to be [pictured] with it open. True mark of a wanna be.” He added: “It looks like you have a glock there which means there is likely no safety. No reasonable person would put a handgun sans safety propped up like that.”


It’s remarkable how often it turns out that pro-gun Republican politicians don’t know much about how guns really work, just as deficit hawk Republican politicians don’t really know how the deficit works, and so on. Far right politicians are nearly always full of crap when it comes to the issues they pander the mostly loudly on, because it’s really just a prop for them anyway.

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