[UPDATED] Lauren Boebert’s Twitter suspension has now been inexplicably reversed

UPDATE, 3:37pm EST: Lauren Boebert has now resumed tweeting, meaning her suspension has already been lifted without explanation. Twitter is making a dangerous mistake by allowing a depraved lunatic like Boebert to resume tweeting, after she repeatedly tweeted the location of the Speaker of the House while domestic terrorists were in the building. Original article follows below.

One of the big questions over the past week has been why brand new House Republican Lauren Boebert kept tweeting the location of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during the domestic terrorist attack on the U.S. Capitol. After all, she’s the same lunatic who says she wants to carry a gun on the House floor, and threw a fxfit last night when she was asked to go through a metal detector.

We’ve asked why she isn’t being treated like a threat to national security. It turns out we’re not the only ones who see it that way. Boebert announced on Instagram this afternoon that Twitter has banned her from tweeting anything for the next week, which just happens to include Inauguration Day.

Boebert says she’s been given no explanation for why she’s been locked out of Twitter. But it seems pretty clear to us. By live tweeting Speaker Pelosi’s location at a time when she knew terrorists were in the building looking for Pelosi, Boebert was being stupidly reckless at best. Now we need a federal criminal investigation to determine whether or not she was purposely trying to help the terrorists. Also, she now needs to be suspended from Instagram, where she’s still posting.

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