Laura Ingraham may be just as dangerous as Tucker Carlson

Brainwashing is a fascinating and repulsive thing. The process of being radicalized is a complex one, but it can happen right here. It is happening right now. Laura Ingraham does not get nearly the attention Tucker Carlson does — which is a mistake in my opinion because I would argue she is as every bit dangerous as Tucker — maybe more so. Her ratings are pretty high, and they shouldn’t be.

Ingraham, a woman whose own brother has referred to her as a “monster,” is more than a wolf in sheep’s clothing. She’s a vicious scorpion, a brutal non-pundit in the guise of a concerned soccer mom. Let’s take a look at some of her most recent hate-speak.

Ingraham has not stopped tearing into Critical Race Theory, which is not taught in elementary or high schools. But it is more than that. She uses fear tactics of the most vile type.

On her show the other day, she ripped into Virginia school boards, accusing some of them of a “cover-up” and explaining that many of these school board members have an agenda where the children are concerned and don’t want parents to know what it is.

Every vicious word that fell from her lips seemed to be aimed at parents. Stoking fear seemed her objective. Ingraham also attacked racism and from the way she told it, America has always been a sweet and non-racist country with evil Liberals waiting in the wings to corrupt the souls of innocent children.

I’ve no doubt that plenty of people were angry when they turned off Ingraham’s show. But they were angry over lies — over a version of a false country — Ingraham’s version. And her words are making viewers angrier and angrier, corrupting them actually.

A forest is made up of both light and dark. But when a forest has no light –only darkness — no sunlight can enter it. The omnipresent darkness remains a thick veil over the inscrutable forest, drowning out the greenery and the lushness.. All that is left is unwavering shadowy gloom of the dark.


So, in our fight against Fox non-news, let us not forget Ingraham herself is as dangerous as Carlson. And let’s make a strong effort to educate people about the damage she is doing on a nightly basis.

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